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Huxley Kendell
Solution Engineering

My Story

About Me

Joining Redgate's Solution Engineering team allowed me the chance to sell cutting-edge Database Solutions, to some of the largest companies across the globe, while specialising in DevOps-based solutions.

If you want to know more about me, and what led me to this exciting career look below!

“I've had the opportunity to work with Huxley and have found him to be informed and entertaining while presenting. He's eager to both learn new things and help out. Taken all together, Huxley is a great person to collaborate with!”

—Grant Fritchey. Product Advocate (‘SQL Celeb’)

Check Me Out

I do a lot. So whether you want help with your own DevOps, some free code or to read some of my blogs, check out the below and click the image!


Blog Posts

I wrote lots of cool blogs, ranging from my trips around the globe helping customers implement and learn to my own crazy DevOps creations and ideas


GitHub Repo

A lot of the code I write, ranging from YAML, and PowerShell to C++ is available on my repos, as well as valuable guides.


DevOps Support

Need help getting your business set up for the rapidly growing DevOps demands? Get in touch with Redgate to learn how we can help! 

Engineering Solutions

As the job title says, I spend a lot of my time engineering complex solutions using Redgates tools to aid customers and big clients. Ranging from small startups to 91% of FTSE 100. Wanna hear my stories, what I think works and anything and everything inbetween?
Checkout my blog at the top of the screen!

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