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Flyway & CI/CD Tools: We're better together!

As organisations embark on their DevOps journey, they often face concerns about the cost and complexity of the transition. At Redgate, we understand these challenges and have developed Flyway as the perfect solution to seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack, while providing nothing but value on top of these tools. Our mission is not to impose new tools and requirements but to enhance your current ones, making the move to DevOps easier, cost-effective, and more efficient. In this blog post, we'll explore how Flyway can work harmoniously with your current platforms and tools, saving you time, effort, and money while empowering your DevOps transformation.

Embracing Your Existing Platforms and Tools:

We know that your current tech stack and tools have been carefully chosen to fit your organisation's needs and workflows. Instead of disrupting your well-established processes, Flyway complements your choices. We integrate seamlessly with various platforms and tools, including Git, CI/CD pipelines, and more. Practices such as sharing and merging code, deploying scripts, and executing database changes can, and should be completely up to you. Spot the value that Flyway will bring and implement it into your existing way of working. By adopting Flyway, you can continue working with the tools you know and love, while still experiencing the significant benefits of automated database migrations and streamlined deployments.

Simple SQL:

A really great, yet simple example of this is how we actually give you the automated scripts we generate, we let you decide when and where scripts are generated, whether that be in a pipeline or the desktop GUI, and we stuck to the industry-standard output, SQL Scripts. At Redgate, we believe that simplicity is key to successful integration. Unlike other approaches that require complex XML scripts for migrations, Flyway utilises basic SQL scripts. We worked harder, so you don't, by making sure that any and all scripts Flyway produces appear in a generic SQL script, whilst this may sound not as good it means that you can take the same approach any other deployment/stage would take with our scripts instead of some proprietary system. There is no such thing as ".redgate" scripts because we don't want you or anyone else to be forced to relearn how to do something that's been done for years. This means that your team members can quickly become proficient with Flyway without extensive retraining or learning new markup languages. With Flyway, it's business as usual, only better.

The Versatile CLI for Any Environment:

Flyway's command-line interface (CLI) is a true workhorse. It's designed to be versatile and can be easily integrated into any environment or tool of your choice. Whether you use Jenkins, Azure DevOps, or any other CI/CD platform, Flyway's CLI ensures consistent and reliable database migrations across the board. The CLI's flexibility empowers you to keep your existing workflows while supercharging them with automated database deployments. People understandably get scared when seeing something that could be a huge change, but the really important thing to remember is Flyway is a complete set of independent features, and you decide what works for you. Go into the logs, find the code we use, or check our very open documentation, and simply take the commands you want and use them wherever is best. If you want to never use the desktop GUI we give you for free and instead automate every single step via a CLI / Pipeline. Then do it, I've done it myself, and it works amazingly (Yes, I have a blog post-end-to-end automation).

Cost and Time Savings:

We understand that moving to DevOps can be a significant investment. That's why Flyway is not just a powerful automation tool but also a cost-effective solution. By seamlessly integrating with your existing tech stack, you save time and money on learning new tools and frameworks. Moreover, Flyway's streamlined and efficient migration process minimises the risk of costly errors, ensuring smoother deployments and increased team productivity.

Let's say you have 5 key steps in your current practices:

Sharing changes via Git, by moving the scripts into the repository:

Amazing, do exactly that with no retraining. But, use Flyway's amazing version control, which links directly with GIT and scans your database for you. This means nothing changes, but we now get far more visibility and control over changes coming in and out of my environment. This also opens the path for dedicated environments, if desired.

Manually create one collective script, compiling all of the team's changes:

Whether you want devs doing ad-hoc scripts individually or one collective script really makes no difference. Want to generate in the pipeline? Okay! The important thing is however you did it before, Flyway will simply do it faster. With dependencies included in our industry-standard level of code (followed by a corresponding rollback script)

Deploy the script to a Build / Staging environment in Git Actions:

We love git Actions and every other CI/CD platform. Don't change a single thing, but add Flyway to this and suddenly deployments are more reliable, and we can generate change, drift, and code analysis reports. We could even open the door to testing with Unit or automated tests! Wanna validate all the scripts? Amazing do it! We can show you the code that makes this happen!

Deploy to Production multiple regions in parallel:

Flyway handles all the versioning and actual deployments. All you need to do is tell it where to deploy, and any extra parameters you need. So we can guarantee that parallel deployments with Flyway will be painless and reliable. Spun up a new Production? Flyway will know what to deploy so you don't even have to. But it does not mean you have to rescript your pipelines, just add a few lines. We can even tell you what to add with our dry run capability!

Clone? Masking? Monitoring:

DevOps does not just stop there, and while Flyway's job may be done, it certainly does not mean that it cannot work with our other tooling. Flyway integrates with our X-DBMS cloning tool Redgate clone, and masker, so we can auto-provision production DBs of Terabyte sizes in less than 45 seconds. Completely obfuscated, and proxied directly into Flyway so your devs never notice a thing. Also, did I mention that each clone is around 50MB in size, even if it's a clone of a 5TB Production DB? Flyway truly is an end-to-end framework, designed to not solve one pain point. But instead be your partner through this DevOps journey, helping you eliminate pain points and make everything much much simpler. Don't believe me? Check out one of these case studies or reach out directly, and let me show you a free consultation!

The transition to DevOps doesn't have to be a scary uphill battle. With Flyway, you can confidently begin your DevOps journey while staying true to your current platforms and tools. We commit to making your move to DevOps efficient, cost-effective, and seamless. Flyway complements your existing tech stack, empowers your team, and ensures a smooth and reliable automated deployment process.

Say goodbye to expensive learning curves and complex integrations.

Say hello to an easy and enhanced DevOps experience with Flyway.

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